Allied Members are not Architects, but are professionals in related fields, who collaborate with and support Architects in the creation of the built environment.

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Membership Categories

Architect Member (AIA): Individuals licensed to practice architecture in a U.S. state or territory.

  • 2017 Architect Membership Application – PENDING

Individuals applying for this membership must provide a copy of their current license.

Associate Member (Assoc. AIA): Individual without a U.S. architectural license who is either a recent architect graduate, working in architecture, or a faculty member in a university program in architecture.

  • 2017 Associate Membership Application – PENDING

Qualified candidates include individuals without a U.S. architectural license who meets one of the four membership criteria:

  • Recent graduate with a degree in architecture.
  • Currently enrolled in the Intern Development Program (IDP) and working toward licensure.
  • Currently work under the supervision of an architect or hold a degree in architecture.
  • Faculty member in a university program in architecture.

International Associate AIA (Int’l Assoc. AIA): Individuals who are licensed to practice architecture in a country other than the United States are eligible to become an international associate AIA member.

  • 2017 International Associate AIA Membership Application – PENDING

Emeritus: Emeritus membership is available to any architect or associate member who has been a member of the AIA for 15 successive years and has attained the age of 70 and is fully retired from the profession of architecture, or is incapacitated and unable to work in the architecture profession. Emeritus members receive similar benefits as architect and associate members but will now have an emeritus status, without the customary membership fees.

  • 2017 Emeritus Membership Application – PENDING

Professional Affiliate: Individual working in a field related to architecture. Individual working in a field related to architecture, such as design, engineering, construction, law, marketing, etc.

  • 2017 Professional Affiliate Membership Application – PENDING

Professional Affiliate membership does not include membership at the state and national levels.
Professional Affiliate members share in all AIA San Joaquin resources, programs, services, and activities, establishing relationships with architects that go beyond sales and specifications.

Student: Individual currently enrolled in an architecture or architecture-related program at a local institution. Students currently enrolled in an architecture or architecture-related program at a local institution. If you are not enrolled in an accredited program, you may not qualify for Associate status when you graduate – please see the requirements listed above. This membership is separate from the “AIA Student” (AIAS) organization.

New Graduate:  

The AIA national component offers 2014 – 2015 graduates (from an accredited school of architecture/program) complimentary Associate AIA membership for up to *18 months.

  • 2017 New Graduate Membership Application – PENDING

Eligible Individuals should:

  • Contact your AIA local and state chapters to inquire about complimentary membership (The AIA is a three-tiered organization where members belonging at all levels and this offer only applies to AIA national dues.);
  • Provide a copy of your diploma or transcript of a degree in architecture from an accredited school of architecture/program;

* The 18 months of free membership does not start on join date but starts upon date of graduation. 2015 graduate applicants will be offered complimentary Associate AIA membership until 12/31/2017. 

Membership Forms

Architect Membership Elevation Form: Individuals with an active architectural license from a U.S. licensing authority are eligible for Architect membership. An Associate member that changes to Architect status is not liable for Architect dues until the following renewal year.

  • 2017 Architect Elevation Form – PENDING

Membership Transfer Form: At the written request of a member, the Institute shall transfer the member’s assignment from one chapter to another provided that the transferring member either lives or works within the territory of the new chapter.

  • 2017 Membership Transfer Form – PENDING

Exceptional Circumstances Dues Adjustment Form: Waivers for financial hardship, unemployment/partial employment, medical disability, sabbatical and family leave are annual. A waiver for any of the reasons stated above is annual and renewable upon written request for up to a total of three consecutive years; no waivers will be granted beyond that three-year period except in those instances in which compelling and extraordinary reasons are demonstrated for doing so. Subject to approval by the Secretary of the Institute.

  • 2017 Dues Installment Proram Authorization Form – PENDING
  • 2017 Dues Adjustment Form (waiver) – PENDING
  • 2017 Dues Adjustment Form (exceptional circumstances) – PENDING
  • 2017 Dues Adjustment FAQ’s – PENDING


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